Theoretical result of a national key R&D sub-project passes assessment

On December 25, an assessment seminar was held in Beijing on the research progress and theoretical result of the “Internet-based Home Energy Management System Key Technology Research”, which is Sub-project 2 of the national key R&D program “Friendly Interaction System between Urban Users and Grid Supply and Demand”, which was developed under the leadership of CEPRI. The seminar was chaired by Liu Jianming, vice director of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE). And Wang Jiye, vice general manager (vice president) of CEPRI, attended the seminar.

The assessment experts listened to reports on the theoretical results and equipment development of the Sub-project 2, and evaluated highly the theoretical research and R&D results of software and hardware. Since the project launched in 2016, Sub-project 2 has established a multi-level integrated home energy management optimization model from equipment, users to communities, and developed a home energy efficiency management system, a home smart energy gateway, an active demand response unit, and a distributed energy storage management unit, and other software and hardware achievements, providing strong support for the project development.

In future, the research team of Sub-project 2 will deepen theoretical research of the two-way interaction between users and grid and support application of the two-way supply-demand interaction demonstration project between users and the grid.