Nanjing Research Center of Energy Storage Converter and Application Engineering Technology

Nanjing Research Center of Energy Storage Converter and Application Engineering Technology is located in Nanjing Area of China Electric Power Research Institute. Founded in 2015 upon approval, it is in the charge of Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and is operated and managed by Renewable Energy Research Center of China Electric Power Research Institute.

The Center has set short-term and long-term development goals of energy storage converter and application technology and made definite the key direction of independent innovation and the functional orientation of technical development at various levels, so as to realize breakthrough in key technologies one by one, accelerate technological innovation, and improve the transformation efficiency of technological achievements.  Presently the Center has established energy storage converter and application technology platform and power electronics inverter device test platform, with the aim of performing research mainly on large-capacity power energy storage grid technology, control technology for multi-type conventional generator simulation system, distributed generation/storage joint operation control technology, AC/DC hybrid micro-power grid group control technology and energy storage planning design and performance evaluation technology, etc.

The Center is equipped with distributed photovoltaic simulation system, multi-type energy storage systems, AC/DC conversion device, self-blocking DC transformer, energy router, water and electricity/gas turbine/diesel generator simulator system, and load (line impedance, RLC load, electronic load, and motor). The multi-type energy storage systems contain lead acid, lithium iron, super capacitor and fluid flow, etc., which can sufficiently compare and verify energy storage characteristics and simulate operational characteristics of ubiquitous smart grid, thus providing great support for the research on application of energy storage technology in global energy interconnection.